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The Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason may proceed after he has completed the degrees conferred in Blue Lodge. The Scottish Rite confers 29 degrees. The 33 degree is an honorary degree that is conferred by the Supreme Council for outstanding work in the community or Rite.

When we meet...

Our Valley meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month with the exception of June, July and August, at the Masonic Center at 521 North Street in Tumwater Washington, and have a program either at dinner or just prior to our meeting. Ladies are invited to all dinners. We invite all sojourners to visit and enjoy good Brotherhood. we have a dinner at 6:30 with the meeting to follow at 7:30 PM.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What’s happening in the Valley of Olympia

July 1- 4: Harmony Lodge has fireworks for sale! If you feel like your dollars are going up in smoke, at least route them through the Harmony Lodge fireworks stand and help the Lodge. You’ll get the biggest bang for your buck!

July 15-19: Lakefair! ShrineBurgers can't be beat!

What happened in the Valley of Olympia (aka the Golf Tourney!)

As reported by Brother Sam Lantow: The golf tournament is now behind us and I want to give all the brothers an update of how we did. First, I want to thank all those who helped in any capacity. This tournament would not have taken place if it was not for the help of everyone. We still have a few funds due to us and a few bills to pay. With those accounted for, we should end up with a total of $5,251.

I look forward to next years tournament already and would like the chair it again if OK with the brethren. I want to build some continuity and believe we can raise a lot more money in doing so.


Thanks a bunch Brother Sam!! I suspect you will find no objection to again serving as Chair next year! The Tournament continues to grow, and I believe the amount of $5,251 is a record, in supporting our Valley philanthropy. Br. Sam also specifically noted the contributions of VWB Paul Cooley and Br. Kurt Schmidt, two non-Scottish Rite Brothers (hopefully not for long!), signs by Jay Stewart, and the efforts by the Boys from Shelton. Thanks also to Capitol City Golf Club, KGY Radio and Dick Pust, and the help of Illustrious Br. Don White for publicity. Lastly, thank Mother Nature for holding off on the morning rain, lest we have to equip our golf balls with snorkels and fins!

O’ Canada!
July 1, Dominion Day is now known as Canada Day, eh! If you ‘Google’ it, you’ll find that Scottish Rite is alive and well North of the Border. Just as in the Northern Jurisdiction, there are a few differences, but the ideals of Scottish Rite Masonry are identical to that of the Southern jurisdiction. As we celebrate our own Independence Day, let’s give pause and acknowledgement to our friends to the north, and the longest undefended border in the world!

Independence Day!
Technically, the Declaration was written on July 2, but ratified on July 4. Let’s remember that, while we declared independence in 1776, and fought until 1781, it took until 1787 to figure out that the thirteen colonies would unite as a single nation (which is now the oldest democratic republic on Earth.) It wasn’t by accident, and required the deepest thoughts, compromises, foresight and statesmanship of the leaders of that day – many of whom were Freemasons. As we celebrate another anniversary as a great nation, and should we ever have a second Constitutional Convention, I sincerely hope that the leaders of Freemasonry of today would exhibit the same level of contribution, compromise, forethought and statesmanship. Have a Happy and Safe 4th!!


For the Good of the Order
Summer is a great time to study the Master Craftsman program. If your book is getting a bit dusty, there will never be a better time than now to delve into the depths of knowledge. Hey, several extra hours of free sunlight means saving your candlepower while you exercise the ol’ noodle.
After studying, consider joining other area Masons in mid-August as the Tacoma Rainiers take on the Iowa Cubs: Sunday, August 16. Game time is 1:30. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll get you a ticket. Wives and kids are most welcome! It’s great baseball at the AAA level – these guys have skills, and are hungry to make the big club!

See you in September!


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