Who are Scottish Rite Masons...

The Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason may proceed after he has completed the degrees conferred in Blue Lodge. The Scottish Rite confers 29 degrees. The 33 degree is an honorary degree that is conferred by the Supreme Council for outstanding work in the community or Rite.

When we meet...

Our Valley meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month with the exception of June, July and August, at the Masonic Center at 521 North Street in Tumwater Washington, and have a program either at dinner or just prior to our meeting. Ladies are invited to all dinners. We invite all sojourners to visit and enjoy good Brotherhood. we have a dinner at 6:30 with the meeting to follow at 7:30 PM.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Here we are in November already! Don't forget to 'fall back' tonight, or you'll be an hour off everybody else.

This Wednesday, November 9, we'll have dinner at 6:30, followed by the 30th degree. The 30th always seems to be the most dramatic, and I'm sure our Brothers will put on a great performance! Of course, it helps greatly to have a good crowd on the sidelines, which is a not-so-subtle hint that you should be one of them! :-)

In other news:

A week ago Friday, the Valley of Hoquiam put on a wonderful dinner. Their speaker, Br. Kevin Townley, of Boulder Colorado, gave a wonderful talk about alchemy, and the Masonic alchemy of transforming lives through our tenets and the lessons found within.

The next day, Brothers Cliff and Roberson and yours truly were honored to be coroneted 33rd Inspectors General Honorary. I believe I can speak for both of us in saying that the degree conferred was outstanding, and that the reception was as warm as could be! Brothers, I feel truly blessed to have been selected for this honor.

Finally, last night the Valley of Seattle hosted Illustrious Arturo de Hoyos, 33 Grand Cross. Brother de Hoyos spoke eloquently about this duties as Archivist at the House of the Temple, and then hosted a hour-long Q&A from the Brothers about various Masonic topics. It was well-attended, and well worth a trip north! By the way, in attendance was the SGIG of the Scottish Rite Bodies of Turkey. (I should have written down his name but I forgot.) THis Brother will be the guest of honor for the Seattle Valley on November 15, Tuesday, and will speak about Masonry in Turkey. If you are interested, I'd welcome a car-pooler.

Also, after sending yesterday's message, I kicked myself for failing to pass along this tidbit about Illustrious Brother de Hoyos. Obviously he is an incredibly intelligent and dedicated Mason, as an author of several books - including the recent update to SGC Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma - but following the meeting he spent several minutes speaking with a Brother in flawless German. It is humbling, and it speaks well of our Fraternity, knowing the depth and breadth of the intellect of these leaders.


Illustrious Bro. Kris

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